let's find you a cast net!


measured in square mesh

Use big mesh cast nets to target large bait fish like mullets and smaller ones for tiny bits like minnows. You can always use smaller mesh nets to catch bigger bait fish but that's not practical because the smaller mesh creates more resistance in water therefore the net will sink slower and thus allowing bigger bait fish to get away.

Here in Florida, a good bait net to get is a 1/4" minnow net for standard bait fish like greenbacks and sardines but you will not gill them when you encounter smaller sized baits which are abundant.


  • Bait Buster Glass Minnow Cast Net

    8 ft. radius 3/16 in. square mesh 1.5 lb. of lead per ft.

    For those looking to catch glass minnows and other small bait fish, this fine mesh cast net will catch anything in its path and sinks fast to maximize reward!

  • GS-1000 Ultra Spreader 10 ft. Shrimp Net #11710,

    10 ft. radius ⅝ in. square mesh 1.0 lb. of lead per ft.

    This popular shrimp cast net is back in stock! Features 1 lb of lead per foot, 10' radius, easy to throw and taped bottom keeps net open longer. Get yours today!

  • Signature Series Premium Bait Net 13470

    7 ft. radius ⅜ in. square mesh 1.6 lb. of lead per ft.

    For those looking to splurge or simply want the best cast net out there, get yourself a Signature Series net and don't look back.

  • GS-1500 Ultra Spreader Minnow Cast Net 10980

    8 ft. radius ¼ in. square mesh 1.5 lb. of lead per ft.

    This is a do-it-all sort of bait net. It's small 1/4" mesh webbing catches most baits without gilling them while it's heavier lead weights help the net sink faster. This will be a solid choice for many.