let's find you a cast net!


measured in square mesh

Use big mesh cast nets to target large bait fish like mullets and smaller ones for tiny bits like minnows. You can always use smaller mesh nets to catch bigger bait fish but that's not practical because the smaller mesh creates more resistance in water therefore the net will sink slower and thus allowing bigger bait fish to get away.

In Florida a good bait net to get is a 1/4" minnow net for standard bait fish like greenbacks and sardines but you will not gill them when you encounter smaller sized baits which are abundant.


  • Joy Fish CBT-M9

    9 ft. radius ¼ in. square mesh 1.25 lb. of lead per ft.

    An excellent net for catching greenbacks as well as smaller baits without gilling them!

  • Bait Buster CBT-BBA8

    8 ft. radius ½ in. square mesh 1.5 lb. of lead per ft.

    Throw this fast sinking cast net for ballyhoos, cigar minnows and other bait fish.

  • Ultra Spreader 11660

    6 ft. radius 3/16 in. square mesh 1.5 lb of lead per ft.

    Extra small 3/16" mesh will catch all the little glass minnows in just one throw.

  • Mullet Buster CML-MB12

    12 ft. radius 1¼ in. square mesh 1.5 lb of lead per ft.

    This heavy duty mullet net spreads to 24 ft. in diameter. Can you can handle it?