About Us

We are a small business in Florida out to sell some really good cast nets for folks that are passionate about fishing, catches their own bait and have a appreciation for fine craftsmanship in the net they use. You'll fine some of the best made cast nets available on the market today right here at great prices! CastNetShop.com is owned and operated by Florida Net Company.  

On to a different set of net products, Florida Net Company also does sports netting! We have batting cage netting, baseball backstops, golf cage netting, golf barrier nets, soccer backstop, lacrosse backstop, tennis net, privacy windscreen most of which are made to order right here in the U.S.A.! Visit Flordianetcompany.com for our sports net products.

cast nets for catching bait at CastNetShop.com
Sport Netting & supplies at FloridaNetCompany.com