GS-1500 Ultra Spreader Mullet Net 13112 - 12 ft. Radius With 1 in. Mesh

SKU: 13112
Approx. Shipping Weight: 24.0 lb
$ 236.99 Regular Price: $ 323.00

This new guide series 1500 mullet cast net is your weapon of choice every time for that mullet run. With a large 1 inch square mesh to catch what you want and leave out what you don’t and a heavy 1.5 pound of lead weight per radius foot to sink this net down fast, you will be rewarded with all the shads and mullets you can haul in.

Fishermen will appreciate the superior strength and softer feel of the exclusive clear Japanese monofilament netting. Construction is a 6 panel design running heavy duty 90 lb test braille lines. Attached is a 26 ft. high-floating braided polyethylene hand line to work on deep waters and strong water currents. At the end of hand line you have the Komfort Kuff, designed for reduced chafing on your throwing wrist.

Series & Model
GS-1500 Ultra Spreader Mullet Net 13112
12 ft. Radius (24 ft. Diameter)
1" Squared (2" Stretched)
Weight Ratio
1.5 Pound Per Radius Foot (Lead)
Exclusive SPS Japanese Clear Monofilament Resin Netting
Target Bait
Shad, Mullet and Other Large Bait