Bait Buster Minnow Cast Nets CBT-BBM7, 7 ft. Radius, 1/4" Sq. Mesh

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Item Description

This cast net features hand crafted workmanship with 1.5 pound of lead weight per radius foot. Each lead weight piece is crimped on to lead line to prevent sliding and chaffing for better spread and prolongs net life. Uses 100 pound test brail lines and 25 feet hand line. Packaged in a 3.5 gallon bucket.

Featuring the patented Dragon Head Swivel braille line organizer.

Series & Model Bait Buster CBT-BBM7
Size 7 ft. radius (14 ft. diameter)
Mesh 1/4" squared (1/2" stretched)
Material 0.23 mm diameter monofilament
Color Green
Target Bait Bait Size 1" to 3". Minnows, River Shiners, Mudminnows, Chubs, Small Greenbacks, and Pilchards.