Fitec GS-1500 Ultra Spreader Deepwater Tape Net 13070, 7 ft. 5/16" Sq. Mesh With Tape

SKU: 13070
Approx. Shipping Weight: 16.0 lb
$ 195.99 Regular Price: $ 206.00

Looking for a deepwater tape net with smaller mesh? The GS-1500 Ultra Spreader Tape Net now offers 5/16” square mesh version. Reach deep water with this heavier 1.5 lb. per foot of lead weight. FITEC’s exclusive insoluble tape design will stay open longer allowing you to catch more deep water targets.

Series & Model
GS-1500 Ultra Spreader with Tape 13070
7 ft. radius (14 ft. diameter)
5/16" squared (5/8" stretched)
Target Bait
Shrimps and other deep water targets.