Signature Series 13670 Cast Net By FITEC - 7 ft. Radius With 5/8 in. Mesh

SKU: 13670
Approx. Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb
$ 225.99

This new Signature Series is a beast! Built extra strong and extra heavy for those who wants the best. Backed by FITEC’s no question asked replacement policy.

To start off, the Signature Series uses extremely strong, high tensile strength Japanese webbing that’s durable yet soft to the touch. Construction is a six-panel design allowing this net to lay completely flat. Double salvage at key stress points provides added strength and durability. At the bottom you’ll find extra heavy 1.6 pounds of marble lead weights per foot, closely spaced, with double lead line and triple tied that will sink faster and withstand heavy loads. Braille lines are pre-stretched 100 pound test coming through a large opening horn tied to heavy duty brass swivel. Attached is a 35 ft high floating braided poly handline with Komfort Kuff.

Series & Model
Signature Series 13670
7 ft. Radius (14 ft. Diameter)
5/8" Squared (1-1/4" Stretched)
Weight Ratio
1.6 Pound Per Radius Foot (Lead)
Premium High-Tensile Strength Japanese Monofilament
Target Bait
Bait Size 6" to 9". Menhaden, Finger Mullet, Ballyhoo, Large Shrimp, and Cigar Minnow/Head Tails.