XTREME SPREADER XS-1500 Hand Crafted Cast Net 10 FT 3/8" Mesh Model:11311

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Item Description

Model: 11311

Radius: 10 ft.

Mesh: 3/8" squared.

Material: Dyneema

This rare and exceptionally well hand crafted cast net is for the utmost passionate casters!  

The XTREME SPREADER features superb construction. 

  • Hand made braided and knotted Dyneema netting that is significantly (300%) stronger than monofilament.
  • Special purpose closed mesh netting traps more bait and reduces gilling.
  • 20 count of heavy duty 100 LB. test braille lines.
  • Extra long high floating polyethylene hand line. 
  • Heavy 1.5 pound of real lead per foot.

Each Xtreme Spreader is a hand crafted work of art and is shipped free.